Mindfulness and Labyrinth Retreat

The Garden at Easter 2017 taken by James Greenwood

Creating a quiet space


Holly, Lily, Kate and Stephanie @ Farm3618


Farm 3618 is an all abilities access project to grow Australian native trees that provide habitat as well as a relaxation and wellness space.


We invite you to participate in the healing and restoration of a land space in rural Australia and help to restore habitat for birds and other wildlife. 

The project is designed for those who care about the natural environment. For those who have a concern for our changing climate and the current level of species extinction.

The project is designed for people who do not have land space, particularly in urban areas, or the time to grow a tree; or people interstate and overseas who would like to grow a tree in a different part of the world. 

Sponsor a tree and we will grow a tree for you.

You will get to follow the story of the tree; the restoration of land; the development of an all abilites access project, habitat for wildlife and some fun along the way.

To sponsor a tree at Farm 3618 please go to our online store link above, and make a selection.

If you live overseas Sponsor a Tee Downunder

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The Sentry we call 'Yella Jack': one of several old Yellow Box trees at Farm3618.

Sponsor a Tree at Farm 3618

The Road to Farm 3618

Red Bottlebrush at Farm3618

Mount Morgan Wattle

Grevillea Flora Mason

Grevillea Flora Mason