Farm3618 history

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Farm 3618 is located in the Goulburn Valley in northern Victoria. It was part of a larger working dairy farm and prior to that cropping and sheep. Like most agricultural land it has a history of over grazing, overcropping, spraying, and in this case  irrigation water. 

Farm3618 is situated on a high rise of fine sandy loam sloping down to a small dry billabong on the north east corner. The land is ideal for growing a range of native trees and shrubs. 

We moved 'home' in March 2014 after nine years away because the property came up for sale. We wanted to live 'out of town' again and we needed an earth project to work on.

We thought about what to do with the twenty five acres of land; cattle, sheep, fruit, wine grapes?  Having lived here for three months in the large native garden and the diverse bird life that it provides habitat for, we have decided to say no to livestock and plant more native trees.

But more than that, we have decided to offer people the opportunity to sponsor a tree as a way of making the project to plant and grow trees a participatpry one with others.

Join in and follow the development of this environmental re-generation project.  

Farm3618 Room for trees