19. Aug, 2018

The restoration space three years after commencement.

5. Aug, 2018

Eighteen people attended the Connecting with the Heart retreat run by Jenni and Lisa Shortridge at Farm 3618 on August 5th 2018.

5. May, 2018

An Indian Peacock arrived at Farm3618 out of the blue about a week ago. Jenni opened the blind on the kitchen window early in the morning and there he was in the backyard. He has cosied up with the chooks and is there to be fed each morning. He spends a lot of time on the chookhouse roof keeping watch. We hope he stays but know it is likely he'll move on sometime soon.

5. May, 2018

We had a successful visit to Farm3618 from the Friends of Shepparton Art Museum - SAM. They came to see the labyrinths and the forest gardens as Art. They also learned about the labyrinths in a guided tour by Jenni and then walked labyrinths and the gardens. Coffee and cake in the stable kicked the morning off to a wonderful social and educational event.

13. Oct, 2016

The train drivers and I have just exchanged waves and an extra short toot from them - an oft repeated ritual that sort of makes the day better on an emptied out old landscape. 'Til tomorrow.