Labyrinth in the Spotted Gum

This labyrinth is a seed pattern Classic drawn free hand onto the earth with chalk marker spray by Jenni. The rocks were sourced from Kyabram Sand and Gravel Supplies and came from Newton's Pit. They are beautifully coloured. This is a bare earth labyrinth incorporating nine Spotted Gum (Corymbia Maculata) planted thirty years ago. They sit majestically within the pathways of the labyrinth giving the space a uniqueness of its own. It is close by to The Barracks, our popular B&B. We made this labyrinth on the afternoon of April 30th 2019 a day before a much needed 50 mm rain.    

Reflections after a 50 mm rain May 2nd 2019.

Jenni and Dr Margaret Rainbird walking the Classic labyrinth as part of Margaret's year long world pilgrimage.

The Triple Spiral Labyrinth was inspired by Tony Christie from Ireland when Jenni attended a workshop in Penguin Tasmania and Tony made a freehand labyrinth in the sand on the beach. This labyrinth was built at Farm3618 in August 2017. It is built of river sand and rocks sourced from several locations including Nalinga, and the Lake Tyrell area in the Mallee.

The Chartres Labyrinth is inspired by the labyrinth in the floor of the Chartres Cathedral in France and was built at Farm3618 by Jenni and Ian over six months in 2017 inside a double circle of trees; Spotted gum and Ironbark. This was a huge project and we are very happy with the result. Materials came largely from Kyabram Garden Supplies with rocks in the internal pathways sourced from Lancefield and the external wall from Nalinga, Daytrap, Chinkapook and Byrneside. The labyrinth is built on the site where Ian's grandfather's shearing shed once stood on the east side of the old farm yard. This labyrinth is a beautiful piece of art as well as a sacred space. It is still in the making.

The Classical labyrinth was inspired by Lisa Shortridge and built by Jenni and Ian and friends who came to help in April 2016. Sand and rock from Cleaves of Shepparton. There are many features in this labyrinth including river rocks with painted Mandala by Leah Kateiva. The site of this labyrinth is where a Plane tree once grew and it has very special significance for Jenni.

This is a Free hand classical children's Labyrinth inspired by our grand children and built at Farm3618 by Jenni and Ian 25 February 2017. Constructed from recycled material and featuring small wooden carved animals from Vietnam.

The Labyrinth @farm3618

Jenni has wanted a labyrinth for ages, so finally the 'Labyrinth' was built in the garden at Farm3618 during the last week of April 2016. The Labyrinth was first marked out with pegs and white rope with knots at the pathway intervals. Dr Lisa Shortridge was our guide and inspiration. Lisa works to promote awareness of the labyrinth, a powerful contemplative and transformational tool. Our friend Joan Hamilton Roberts was also there to help. The materials used to make the labyrinth were four cubic metres of washed river sand and four cubic metres of a mix of blue beaching and river rocks supplied by Cleaves Garden Supplies in Shepparton. Jenni and Ian laid the outside border of rocks enclosing the labyrinth. Weeds were eliminated with a gas burner and the river sand spread with shovels and a wheel barrow. Never let it be said we are over the hill. Then on the last Saturday of April a group of enthusiastic friends and neighbours came to lay rocks end to end along the internal pathways of the labyrinth. They were Joan and Lynton Greenwood, Liz Maloury and Brian in spirit, Lisa McLeod, Marie and Tom O'Brien, Jenny Lawler and Mamie Binion. After the rocks were laid Jenni gave a short talk about the history of the labyrinth. Each of us then walked it as a group before sitting down to lunch in the garden. The Labyrinth is dedicated to the ancient land and its ancestors both human and other, to those who have passed by this sacred spot and to all who may visit and walk the Labyrinth in the future. Thanks to all who helped.